The Woman of My Dreams

The woman knows, be she young or old, the most important secrets men forget. ``There is no more ignorant man than the one who thinks he knows all about seduction, women, and pleasure." --Ginette Paris
   Lying half awake ironing the front of my body. I thought, ``Gee, this iron isn't even hot." Then I realized my body was a doll's body in a dream just before awakening. Raggedy Ann style (cotton) body I am pinning on me at the shoulders because it has no head and I'll use mine. I remember thinking I'll have to be very careful when I hug someone as I have pins in my shoulders. There are two dolls lying around and I am the third. They have slightly red crotches and I do not know that it is an old blood stain. F/48:8.1.92
This could be seen as a silver dream. Can you find the parts? But its quality is closer to gold. Can't you feel the drama, if not tragedy, of the Anima as she awakens from her unconscious state? This is an old blood stain. Linda Leonard's Meeting the Madwoman would be a place to start. As I record this, Larry Gatlin's country song, "Broken Lady" comes on the radio... ``She's a broken lady waiting to be mended..."
   We're home, decide to go to Spain. Arrangements are made and we leave same day. We're there. Can't believe we're here! Romantic feeling. We sit at a table in a open cafe in the country. We're served tumblers of white wine. We get up to see the view. Others try to take our place at our table, I point out our glasses.
   Our daughter (age 5) comes in, I didn't realize she was here. She wants us to come look at the birds. We walk out to an embankment. There's a river below with an island off to the left covered with hundreds of black birds. As we watch they come towards us and transform into people. They're common people (peasants) and they are moving upstream. It's become a procession they're all walking up this wide riverbed. They are all "eyes ahead" focused on where they're going.
   A woman (Carmen, gypsy-like, full of life) in a peasant blouse and full skirt is among them. She is respected by them and stands out more with life and color. She stops, turns towards us, throws back her glass, drains the red wine, in it then continues on. The water is shallow but she doesn't seem to break the surface.
   They are all different kinds of people. I believe I envy every one of them. We return to the cafe. They have pulled the metal grid doors shut dividing the cafe. Our drinks are still on the table and some of our belongings. I'm trying to get through. F/44:9/24/94
This story dream tells us about being at home in a foreign land. The daughter points out the black birds which transform into peasants led by a vibrant Gypsy woman unafraid to drain her glass. Please imagine this scene, dance it, sing it.
   I am having the diamonds in my rings re-set in new mountings.
   One ring was finished and looked very bad. They had soldered a cheap diamond horse-shoe over the top of the old ring. The jewlery store wasn't open yet when I got there but the jeweler arrived and opened the safe and started bringing out trays of mountings.
   Then he brought out an old doll. I lost interest in the rings and was interested in the doll. (It had belonged to Sara Miller.) It had creamed corn caked all over it.
   When I scraped the corn off the temple areas I found them to be studded with rubys and other precious gems. F/52:10.17.88
Scrape off the domestic goo caked on the doll and see the jewels in the temple area. Oh the sacred temple of the feminine has been found! Notice how the woman dreamer lost interest in the rings and went right for the doll? There is where the real treasure was hidden.

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