Ancestral Dreaming

Look into an old black and white photograph of deceased relatives. Look at their eyes and imagine what they convey.
   I am in an area containing theater seats. The seeds of the plants are growing out of the bones of the people.
   I see broken ankle bones with plants growing in and around them. I know I have seeds in my bones but they aren't growing yet.
   I see T. standing in a group of men, talking. When I walk up to him, he turns around, and I see that one of his ankles is badly deformed, like a club foot.
   I know the seeds have started to grow. He knows that too, and when he realizes that I know, he starts crying. We hold each other and cry together. F/52:2.1.88
The seeds grow out of the bones of the people. What takes root in the bones starts to grow into another generation. The lives of our ancestors give us a broader perspective. There is relief in knowing and sharing this continuity.
   Against a hazy black background, I see a head: a medicine man or ceremonial mask, it has long stringy dirty, matted grey hair. It is chanting and shaking some sticks or rattles.
   I can't see the face. Now I am in back of it and can see through the matted hair into the skull.
   It is empty, and yellowed with age. I see the jaw and the teeth. I feel almost as though I am inside the skull. F/51:7.24.87
Ancestors provide what parents can not. Look through the skull of the old ones. What do you see? The dream gives a perspective otherwise unavailable. Try looking at life for one day from this perspective.
   Lovely appearing dream where absolutely everything is cobalt blue with gold trim. Mostly glasses but also the king who was black and the queen in an incredible dress. The king's eyes were outlined in gold in the most intriguing way. I don't know what I was doing there. Learning or observing. F/46:4.3.94
Sometimes the ancestors come and remind us of our royalty. Not so much as yet another person who is a reincarnated queen but more like the dreamer states: I have had enough of my personal history. It remains the rudder of my boat, but I wish to unfurl new sails. What are the ancestors teaching you?
   Someone with spirit died and released enough energy for eleven people. I was thrilled to know about it even though not a recipient. F/45:5.15.93
The ancestors bless us, even if it doesn't happen to you personally. Don't worry, there is plenty for everyone.
   M. and I are visiting mom and mother-in-law in some place I would call Purgatory's Intensive Care.
   I am surprised when I finally find the room, at the loud music playing. It's under refrigeration and absolutely everything is white. She has been moved to a ward which indicates an improvement in her condition.
   The body lies as if ``in state." Completely covered in white lace, as are the walls. A woman's ward. Some bodies are canopied. I instinctively know the first ones I see are not mom.
   Strange to be so quiet where everyone is dead and the music is playing so loudly. F/46:12.15.94
The dreamer's instinct helps her identify the deceased. Ancestors teach us things we don't want to know but need to understand. Purgatory Intensive Care, where the living touch the dead.

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