Gods on Dreaming

   If one believes in the Self she can stand in the fire of transformation. F/47:4.8.93
What does He dream anyway? Of us? The god within the dream is calling your name and will not be refused. When he shows up, pay attention; he might be a she, a force, a light, a power which can not be denied.
   I witnessed five beings floating in space immediately above the formation of the African continent. There was no sky or atmosphere. I was told that there are trace fossils left behind that could be found from these beings... as their feet would scrape the ground... as they floated over it. M/41:3/96
Gold dreams don't mess around. They deliver the word. It might not be the one you were looking for but there is evidence in the fossil record of your psyche.
   Acquittal... (I am picking my belongings up in a courtroom after a long jury investigation. I am furious with their judgment of me, but am going to take it anyway and go. No one, no thing has this much power over me and this is not a jury of peers but God's court.) F/48:4.14.96
Look at the dream, it was one word, ``Acquittal." Check into its etymology. Whose court has the final judgment? Imagine God's court and what do you see? See Hillman's book Kinds of Power.
   A light shone down from the heavens above and it fell to the ground in a square.
   Then a voice heard only in the mind of man said: ``Build a pyramid there."
   The light did cut and carry the stone while the man the mortar mixed.
   The stones piled high formed a throne near the sky neath the peak of the grand pyramid.
   Then the power of God came down from above and enlightened the man on the throne.
   He then taught his people the gift of the Source and Heaven and Earth were one. F/51:4.87
This dream poem came to the dreamer in the night. ``She didn't change it at all." She also had the dream about the dead man, the case, and an Egyptian involved in the death. Dreams like these need to be read out loud.

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