Wet Dreaming

Freud trained us to think all dreams were sexual in nature. Jung took us into greater depths but the libido surges in many disguises: anger, addiction, sex, power, and appetite.
   R. has trashed my car which I had said he could borrow. Big old buick which was in mint condition now needs restoring.
   He is in a wedding party dress. Bare bum hanging out with a claymore in a holster. Bandaids on his testicals.
   I see it is too late and too obvious that something different was appropriate.
   I start to cry and ask him what he is doing. (Sexually vulnerable? What is behind me that I need to protect?). F/48:2.14.95
Okay, Freud said all dreams were sexual or wish fullfillment in nature? Detroit bought it and so did hundreds of millions of people. Stay with the tension of not knowing. If we don't draw conclusions we can host our imagination. The entire second part of the dream, the silver dream's characters which develop the theme, needs to be highlighted.
   Running downstairs to masturbate while E. is in the shower and find a mess. Basement (not mine) full of water. I'm very agitated looking for something. I thought it would be in my growing up home.
   I go into the bedroom and I recognize the furniture. Looking through the drawers when I climax which wakes me up surprised as I didn't know I could do that. F/47:10.8.95
There are more ways to express sexuality then you can dream of. But the dream tells us that the sexual urge crosses over from the dream into orgasm. Whose drawers is she looking through?
   Masturbation woke me up because it hit me so hard and fast. I was in a dream of my husband tucking me in as I am in my growing up home. He hears a shot and is gone to investigate. It's heat spread out after I woke up in both directions and then two more waves before it faded. F/46:11.92
We have all had wet dreams. Who says dreams aren't real? The "erotic fantasy requirement" tells us that specific requirements must be met for our erotic fantasy to engage. The dream will tell you what these are for you.
   The man is going to rape me. I am afraid. I don't like him -- his eyes are very large and are icy blue. I try to talk him out of raping me, I rub his back, and massage his shoulder -- maybe he'll forget what he started to do. He hugs me and I think he forgot, but I feel his body against mine -- he hasn't forgotten -- he is having an erection. His penis raises until it is higher than his head.
   I think, oh no, no way. I run away and hide behind an open door. I don't think he will see me, but as he comes closer the door becomes transparent and I am no longer hidden.
   I am afraid of him. F/51:6.13.87
Rape is not a sexual act but it is one of power and therefore of libido. Why a giant penis? ``The phallus is the source of life and libido," Jung tells us. Is this huge source going to harm or create? The trans-parent door tells us there is no hiding from this encounter.

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