Dreaming in Ecstasy

   Angel voices and the sensation of grouse wings just out of sight behind me.
   ``Since you have just arrived we just wanted to welcome you and let you know to look us up anytime you need us." F/47:11.30.93
If angel voices are just a figment of this dreamer's imagination why does she hear grouse wings beating? Pay particular attention to the voice in your dreams.
   An absolutely different sort of energy running around in me. I am trying to figure it out and then think, let it figure you out.
   Be still child and see what is being said to you through feelings alone. So hard for this mind. A new feeling of power. All mine and yet not at all. F/48:3.15.94
Who is in charge? Are the Buddhists not right to suggest that thinking we are in charge is the source of suffering?
   They are waiting until I get there to do the parts I love. F/48:6.8.94
The patience of the invisibles is legendary.
   Simply divine feeling and dancing and dancing. No problem going on forever because once you can, you can. F/47:5.15.93
Rumi says:
And the motion of the body comes
from the spirit like a waterwheel
that's held in a stream.
   Deep green vegetation and a bird's eye view of a naked body visited by a being. Awake with the knowledge that I wish to be consumed. F/47:8.4.93
You do not need to have read the ecstatic masters to be visited by an image which leaves you knowing that we must be consumed.
   You need children in order to reflect who you are. F/48:12.6.94
Yep. (Remember: children in dreams are your children whether you have actual children or not.)

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