Girly Dreaming

``Every year girls were consecrated and adorned with flowers, and then given to the dragon in sacrifice." --C.J.Jung (citing Cumont)
   I am a beautiful, young maiden with long hair, and I am left with the responsibility to be keeper of the falls. All the elders have died. I am alone at the falls, night is coming as well as winter.
   I build a shelter of drifwood up from the falls against the canyon wall, the shelter has a sand floor, I make a fire, its very smoky. There are some evil men to fear also. It's very cold and wet. I make a blanket out of pages of the Book that the elders kept.
   My lover comes, young, handsome, dark hair, immediately I want to make love. I am kissing him passionately wanting him so much but he is not interested, he wants to find a way to keep me warm and dry and to get me out of there.
   An older man, father figure, arrives, concerned about the same thing. Night is coming. I am acting young and childish now in their presence. It's decided I can't stay on here. F/30:1.25.92
This is the concise story of the eternal girl's place in our unconscious. She is the keeper of the Falls, the water of life. All the elders have died, our society suffers this loss. Night and Winter are coming. Keep reading it in this way and realize how she/we can not afford to stay in the spell of the eternal girl any longer.
   The Chinese girl is in bed in her apartment. We see a car coming toward the building. It is going too fast. I hide behind the bed and the car comes through the wall, and lands on the bed-but misses the girl. F/49:2.15.86
How can the girl be so protected? The car lands on her bed and she remains unhurt. The innocence and vulnerability of the Chinese girl protect her.
   A girl (my daughter?) and I are somewhere high like on top of a hill (MT Olympus?) There is someone of authority (male) telling me to pass on a hand full of what looks like raisins and nuts to the child. They are directing the proportions in a ritual like manner. She's to receive a larger share of the dark.
   This means she must go to the bottom exit and I'm to take her. As we descend the stairs I look over my shoulder and see the director is distracted so I quickly push the child to the right into a stone alcove.
   She drops something shiny I'm looking for it. It's a gold barrette from her hair. It might be a clue to where we have gone. I think I have it. There's a hole in the stones at the back of the alcove and we crawl through.
   On the other side there is a smooth stone paved path and stairs leading through vegetative high desert terrain. I don't want to scare her so I say: "Run like you're being chased!" F/46:1.30.97
The key to the Dreamy Girl is the line from this dream: ``she's to receive a larger share of the dark..." Make your move when the Director is distracted. Run girl, run.

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