Bloody Dreaming

Bloody mess, this...
   They are moving the mobile home in and setting it up on the foundation so that it will have a basement.
   I go inside, it is kind of messy, there are dirty clothes all over everything, dishes in the sink, etc. The doors don't match, some are flat, some are paneled, and some are glass. He must have taken them from different houses he has built.
   The little girl tells me there is blood all over the basement.
   I want to go look, but I can't. F/53:1.29.89
The dreamer is moving into a more permanent location with a basement: the place where the dirty work is done. He has provided many different doors from other places. The little girl wants her to look at the blood in the basement. She can't yet but she will have to if she is going to move in.
   A mad looking woman with waist length blond matted hair, her face can't be seen. In a garrison attic apartment. A male narrator says, ``This is a story about disastrous suicide. Lets see how the story begins."
   The mad woman is outside the windows of this Apartment on the roof. She's tearing boards off the broken windows of the skylight to gain entry.
   There's a canal with high walls. A man and I are in a craft. The water is moving swiftly and we are getting wet. On the bank P. and N. are walking along side. A movie is being filmed of us and they want to be in it too.
   In a tropical muggy climate. It's wet and dark.I'm sitting on a couch in a tropical bar.Someone is next to me (it may be my daughter). My back is bleeding badly. The cushions are soaked in my blood. I don't want to move, I don't want anyone to notice.
   All the drinks are wild odd colors purple, blue, etc. they have odd firm blue flower stamens for a garnish. We need to leave, I go to the table to suck down my drink it is coconut tasting and pure white. F/43:3.29.94
Here is a four part dream with an odd trailer. The Dreamer informs us that this is about a disastrous suicide. Yet birth images which follow the mad woman scene make us tense. Then in the muggy, wet, and dark climate the blood soaks into the cushion. Don't let anyone see. How deep the Persona goes into the psyche. Let's have a drink of pure white liquid.Is this how the suicide occurs, is this the mead?
   T. is not happy. Harried. I had a procedure already scheduled with him which we did in the midst of all this confusion. It involved taking off a tiny piece of my ear lobe. He had two gentle, kind, male assistants. We do this standing up in the kitchen, quickly and I'm feeling faint and won't stop bleeding so I sit down with a male nurse sitting on either side of me. F/47:4.4.92
The wound can happen anywhere on the body. I wonder about doing a procedure in a harried and confused context. Is this her original wound? Don't we use our ears to hear? Do I feel harried, confused, and likely to faint just when I need to hear?
   I was laying in my bathtub looking up at the ceiling.
   A drop of water fell from the ceiling into the water, then a drop of blood. More and more water mixed with blood began pouring out of the ceiling. It began at my feet and the raining moved toward my head.
   As it did I found my body lifting out of the water and twisting up into the falling liquid.
   It was then that I noticed my father sleeping next to the tub. M/23
Is there a more relaxed place then lying in a bath looking at the ceiling? Yet in this context blood pours out of the ceiling. The sci-fi image of twisting up into the blood tells us something twisted is happening. If father would only wake up. Moses and the blood red Nile.

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