Dreaming Lizards

Related to both dragons and snakes these reptiles hold heat and speed. They guard and attack. They move in ways that disturb.
   I have gone with a group of class mates to a small gift shop. The others are all looking at the gift items, mostly jewelry, which is displayed in the cases but my attention has been drawn to the case on the wall behind where we are standing.
   I find a carving, pick it up and examine it. On top is an iguana with its mouth wide open. Under the iguana is an intricate work of oriental art. The piece was carved from soapstone and has several different moods all worked together. One part is smooth-rounded and polished -- another part is one thing carved inside another, forming a cage or network of carvings.
   Inside this network I find two Buddha heads each very detailed and when I touch them with a small probe I find them to be free from the rest of the carvings. I don't know if the iguana or the Buddha heads are most important to the entire piece.
   I tell them that I will buy the carving and they wrap it for me. It is wrapped in an ancient oriental tapestry-one of the oldest of all material things. In one corner of the tapestry is a pocket designed to hold the chickens. This is all rolled up around the carving so it will be there when I need it. It is my carving and was not intended for anyone else. F/52:5.7.88
Classmates bring to mind adolescence. There is a case on the wall in the gift shop which attracts the dreamer's attention. The iguana sits on top of intricate oriental art. Which will it be, the iguana or Buddha? What kind of choice is this? Don't forget the chicken, we all need nourishment on the journey.
   It's the desert. Lots of brush and there are many huge snakes. Some are coiled, some are stretched out. Their scales are rough. They aren't rattlesnakes but are both dangerous and have rattles. A man stands holding a snake's rattle. It is about the size of a loaf of bread. As he shakes it the snakes respond with theirs so we know where they are.
   There's a woman with needles stuck all over her. I'm sitting on the ground in a skirt. I keep having to pull little lizards off the crotch of my underwear. They latch on with their teeth but only get fabric.
   There's a big house and something is going on up stairs with adults. There's a bed downstairs in a hall and I think I'll leave my young daughter there. Mary tells me it's not safe there for her. F/43:9.13.94
The desert: beauty and danger. What is coiled at the ready in this dreamer? The dream is proceeding well until the woman appears with needles stuck all over her. What does she want? This dream isn't just about sex although the lizards are jumping at her crotch. This dream is about how the daughter is at risk.

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