Dreaming under Water

Water moves everything in its way. It changes form but stays the same. It takes us away in torrents or down into its depths. We have to cross it to get to the other land. It always seeks its own level.
   I'm laying on a small dock, floating and sun bathing.
   The water keeps rising over the lower part of the dock, washing over my legs.
   I see that one leg has a huge blister on it.
   If I put it down into the water it will feel better. F/50:2.86
See how dreams can be silver poems? In four lines we have the four parts. The water makes the blister feel better. What would this dream bring to mind for you to do?
   I am in a room. I see a friend who had previously committed suicide. He offered to give me pills to help me; he told me ``they really work." I told him I think I will try to manually work it out.
   I feel the need to defecate. I notice that I am dressed all in white. I publicly defecate in a toilet which I am surprised that I don't care that people can see me. The toilet seems not to flush well and I am concerned that it may get on my white robe.
   I leave the room and someone shows me, underwater, a submarine yellow on one side, red on the other. It has something to do with turning back and forth for air. I go with it still underwater I notice that I am not breathing.
   I try to go up through to a lighted area but can't get through to the surface. I start to panic trying to swim back to another opening. I can't make it, I think I drowned. I wake up gasping for air (not pleasant). M/40:3.28.96
This dream crosses three Dreaming territories: Death, Underworld, and Water. It has the four parts of the silver dream. It catches the dreamers attention because he gasps awake. ``We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine." What happens to you when you hear this one?
   On a journey down a river with my family. Husband and two or three children. We're all in the water and I'm really proud of my smallest as he is doing so well and is so happy.
   My husband goes ahead and comes back as he wishes to get in better shape. We come to a deep pool and both husband and I turn to baby to see what he will do and he starts swimming. Beautiful.
   We know we will be able to continue our journey, rather than wait by the river's edge for him to get stronger. F/47:1.31.95
Ambiotic fluid, water of life in which our journey flows. The medium in which the husband gets stronger. A family in the flow. Water is the way your dream life moves you or drowns you.

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