Dreaming Children

The dream child offers us more than memories. Jung tells us: ``the child symbolizes the pre-conscious and post-conscious essence of man."
   I am an invalid child sitting behind a crowd of adults in bleachers.
   I watch with curiosity, as everyone there does, very expectantly. When they see what is coming they swoon in unison to one side and let the creature pass.
   As he comes near me I finally realize he is a grizzly bear and exceedingly dangerous. I have two little allies on my left and because they do not fuss, I sit completely still while he sniffs me and ambles on.
   After he has passed I absorb the crowd's fear and am terrified. F/48:6.30.95
A pure silver dream laced with gold. Is this not everyone's dream yet also the individual woman's? The in-valid child is not the "inner child." How do we wring out the fear we've absorbed?
   A small child is in front of me skiing. He is absolutely adorable. Kind of a Dr. Suess character with a fabulous brass horn on his head as if it were a hat. Balanced very precariously with many loops to it. The great thing was the variegated brilliant green stocking cap over it. I was so pleased to see the green color in my dream. F/50:3.2.92
Go read a Dr.Suess book with a child (can you find a green cap to wear?) and see what happens.
   In a room I saw artwork being done by children. I saw work by Christ as a child. His brother came to me and said, ``Ask him how to talk to the Father."
   ``Got His attention," He said,``try a poem," it was something about a clown. I tried one, I didn't think it worked. Something like ``swirling colors of clouds...". He said,``You see what I mean?" He became distracted and wanted to go back and play. I left and came back for my jacket.
   An older woman, a mother to the child, was there looking at me. She had come to pick the child up. She had a familiar face, but not pleasant and very suspicious.
   I said the child had a lot of nice art on the wall in the room. She said nothing. I left. M/41:4/96
How do we talk to the Father? Christ says to try a poem. But he wants to go back and play. Who is going to sponsor this child's artwork?

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