Timely Dreaming

Time is a mental construct we devised to feel secure. What time is it? Oh, I didn't realize it was so late... Dreams know no time. What is the ego going to do?
   I went backward in time and found myself in the house where I lived before I started school. I saw all the details exactly as they were, colors, wood work, cupboards, etc. (I saw some Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck decals on the wood work.) Then I was in another house, older, one that I knew that I had lived in a long time ago. I saw the attic room where all the beds had been. F/53:4.7.89
We hear of dreamtime and nod our heads as if we know what that means. Here the dream takes the psyche back to the place before school: before socialization. It is as clear in detail as yesterday, even Donald Duck shows up. Hear him make that sound? But then the dream really gets in gear and takes the dreamer back to where she had lived a long time ago. See your face, the one you had before you were born. Look what this dreamer dreamt two weeks later and tell me if she isn't back in time.
   I made a sarcophagus of sand being careful to bring up the damp sand underneath the dry sand. I packed and patted it into shape and then poured water over it and worked it in just right. An Entity named Ethel spoke to me through the sand. When she talked there were strips (like cloth wrapped around her face) that lifted to allow the voice to come through. I ask her if I took some of the sand home with me if she would come to me there. At first she thought she would, but then she said: I doubt it. F/53:4.23.89
The theme of the dream, found in the first part, is to bring the wet sand up from underneath with which to fashion a sarcophagus. Sand without the right ingredients stays useless. But she worked it just right and formed it in such a way that Ethel (who would have thought the voice of the ancient ones would be named Ethel) could speak. This is the same connection that people who channel depend on. Ethel doubts that the sand can be taken home. We remember the sands of time.
   The entire process has a duplicate. Trace through each step to the final resting place and the copy will be in a different but safe place. F/46:10.5.93
Time and again we go through this life until we come to our resting place only to find that our life is a copy with the original stored in a safe place.
   I am being given a choice. I feel strange about the offer as I think I've already chosen. One more time I choose the lessons of consciousness and know my understanding of what that means without definitions. F/45:11.27.92
Time and choice are related. Let's go over this one more time. How many times do I have to tell you. Is this the last time? Time is related to Chronos which is related to Saturn. If your time is up and you are not finished then what do you do?

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