Torrential Dreaming

Thaw, flood,deluge, torrent, all gone, start fresh, endlessly... Nothing can stand in the way of the turbulent overwhelming flow. All is taken away. What are you holding on to?
   I am trying to keep up with somebody who got into a boat and went down a swollen river.
   There are two small children with me who must mind in order to make it. I am walking over ice flows and holding hands with at least one child.
   Torrents of water running everywhere as if a spring thaw. Very noisy, we cannot communicate by talking.
   Also dark as if moon light night. Vaguely remember coming to spot together in boat and then getting left as others went on. F/44:5.17.92
In this silver dream I am wondering about the two small children who must mind in order to make it. This part of the dream is the description of the key characters which influence the Persona's relationship to the Self. Children who mind are going to be swept away.
   The Yellowstone River was dry as far as I could see upstream there was no water except a few pools left where the river had been a little deeper. The riverbed was red sand. There were three fish in a large jar full of water. They seemed to be gasping for oxygen. I wondered how long they could survive. F/55:9.16.91
What does this have to do with torrent? It is the polarity of it. The definition of torrent includes torrere, to dry, burn. Look over your shoulder to see the opposite when approaching your dreams. After all the Yellowstone River just flooded this Spring but this gold dream tells us of fish gasping for oxygen in red sand.
   A flood came to our village and took everything away.
   After that no one would work except four people who were looked down on for their desire to work.
   The third week in April was designated the week of kindness and they were honored at that time.
   I suddenly realized why I had called T. a kind man. He, like those four workers is among the few demonstrating hope in a washed-up environment. F/47:7.18.93
This silver dream could also be a gold one for all of us. We have literal torrents which flood Canada, China, and France. We have psychological torrents which sweep away old ways. And we have mythical torrents which purge the psyche of humanity. Who is willing to do the necessary work?
   Scene switches to a big thaw. A gorge full of water rushing into a torrent of a river. One son rode a log over waterfall from gorge and didn't come back. Some adult male friend of the family did the same in order to look for him. A long time passes. I and another female wait and watch. Huge saw logs tumble down and we are grateful no one is on them. Finally dawns on me no one returns from the river riding a log and I should stop looking. F/47:4.27.93
This is a scene from a copper dream. Sometimes riches can be found in the base elements. The torrent is taking her sons away and there is nothing this mother can do about it. What makes the masculine tumble into the torrent while the feminine observes? What is thawing in you causing a torrent?

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