Foolish Dreaming

The fool or the joker is wild. He will upset the game or capture the King. When he arrives in your dreams your imagination is taking over.
   1) A group of women are having a reunion and have been together several days. I am bored with the whole thing and announce that I'm doing something different today. I'm going up the canyon and set under a tree or in the sun; if anyone wants to come with me they can.
   2) We stop by a pond and discover the water is warm so we are swimming. It isn't deep, only two or three feet, there are large rocks around the edge, and trees. The pond turns a corner and goes up a canyon.
   3) I see a large yellow and black bird perched on the tree and he has a black shoulder strap purse over his wing. One of the women has a special rock. It is brown with gold streaks in it. When we look closely we see a perfect image of an eagle and when we rub it it becomes more clearly defined. A woman gives me a silver ring. She said ``He asked me to give this to you because he cannot be with you this time." When I have it on I cry because "he" is not with me.
   4) I am alone at the pond now, and will take a bath. I leave my clothes in the boat and just as I am getting into the water a very strange little man appears. He might be slightly retarded. He has on a heavy overcoat, open, and his clothing is rumpled and dirty. His hair is wild and he is bald on top. He has a foolish grin. F/52:11.5.88
Let's work this dream: The first part shows us that reunion with women is boring, something else is needed, a new place is sought. The second part or key element, shows us that this change is a natural and hospitable place. The third part or dynamic of the dream brings the black bird with a purse, rocks with eagles and gold streaks and a silver ring. A wealth of possibilities and sense of loss. The fourth part takes us to the task and this is where the fool arrives. When the dreamer is naked, getting into the water from the boat, the little man appears. The fool appears when there is work to be done.
   Tell a lie and then go back and seek it's truth. You don't owe it to someone else. F/46:6.16.93
The fool can be the Self. There is no safety. This gold dream is a riddle that only a Fool can figure.
   I stop by T.(therapist) in order to get a hair clip. He comes downstairs riding a horse, in costume to scare all the kids at school. He scares me first. He leaves. I go in, but think I'm in the wrong place. I wander around like Goldilocks, no hair clips. Interesting person who lives here. But I think I better leave. F/46:7.29.93
When the therapist turns into a fool then we have trouble. Good trouble. It's not the kids in school that get scared, it's the dreamer who wanders about like Goldilocks. Frequently hair comes into dreams. This time it's gold. When will the dreamer meet this interesting person? Not yet, she has to leave.

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