The Man of My Dreams

The man in these dreams is dreamt by women. The inner man is the one to meet.
   A man has come to me. His skin is very light-almost transparent -- it hangs in folds -- yet is stretched tight on his face. He has very little or no hair. He has brought me the "gift of time." F/50: 5.9.87
When a man comes to a woman in her dreams and offers her the gift of time -- it is time to meet him. He has come from afar and wants only one thing. Your undivided attention.
   I keep trying to give Bear a symbol of the life he represents but he keeps destroying them. He is too young. F/47:9.4.93
The man might come in many disguises and when he is too young to bear the symbol of life he will destroy it. I trust this man will mature within you.
   Scene is a hilly place like San Francisco. I am looking through shops for a gift for my daughter. I want a tourquoise arrowhead. No one has what I want. I leave the shops and am walking down hill towards an intersection. Across the street and about a block away I see my husband coming.
   When I get to the intersection I look both ways for traffic then as I cross the street towards my husband I am looking down at my clothes and shoes.
   When I get to the other corner I look up expecting to see my husband. Standing next to me is another man instead. He is tall and well built. His hair is long and full. He's wearing a kilt and is mid twenties and handsome. But he's all white, lacks color; his hair, skin, turtleneck, kilt, bagpipe, even his eyes are pale grey. Like someone out of a Black and White movie but pale.
   We don't say anything, merely stare into each others eyes. There's some recognition. I know we'll meet again. There is a connection. F/43:9.94
Remembering the four part silver dream structure, the theme of the dream, found in the first part, is a gift for your daughter and no one has what you want. Looking down at your clothes and shoes brings ``identity" to mind. And then this pale mysterious man arrives, not your husband. Bear with this image, hear the pipes. The task is to connect.

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