Sacrificial Dreaming

The ego must be sacrificed if the Self is to be born.
   Trying to stop the Arabs from killing women and children. I have been warned away but go anyway.
   They get my hands under a bucking horse and break my fingers one at a time.
   I finally beg for mercy with two fingers left and they stop. No negotiating power left.
   What did I think I could do that no one else can do either? (excrutiating pain, massive amounts of blood, shock, picking up what remains of my life with the two ringed fingers of my left hand, I am amazed that I can move at all.) F/48:6.2.95
Whose dream is this? Its silver nature shows us it has particular meaning to the dreamer but what about the Grimm's Fairy Tale, "The Girl Without Hands." Is not her question in part four, the task, the question to ask ourselves?
   I have a jewlery box which has a very expensive ring in it.
   If I reach inside an alarm goes off.
   So I turn it upside down, and dump the ring out. The alarm does not go off but I loose the ring in a pile of cheap jewlery.
   I find the ring but not the expensive stone. I am searching for it. F/50:1.9.86
I want to place this dream somewhere in gold or Self but it has to stay here in sacrifice. What a sacrifice: to loose the precious stone. How would you search for this stone? Who would you ask for help?
   I am part of a large group. We are to be moved to a new location. I realize they are all literally SHEEP. 2000 sheep. We're being moved to market.
   I'm in the back of a pick-up truck. The rancher, his wife, and hand are in the front. The window is open and I hear their conversation. It's about the hassle of moving 2000 sheep, the market is down and they need hair cuts.
   I say I can do that, they can just stop ahead at my house (the house I spent my teens in), it's on the way.
   We do. I'm in the den looking for my shears. I'm thinking, would they really kill me? I'm human. It's not just a business. I can't believe this? Maybe I can say or do something to change the outcome. F/43:8.19.94
What can you possible say to change the outcome? Who can see the slaughter? What about the sacrifice needed to cut the hair on 2000 sheep? It would take a lifetime and is that how you want to spend your time? Is there a choice?

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