Dreaming like an Animal

James Hillman has dedicated much of his time to the place of animals in dreams: ``The main point here is that there are many animal ways into the underworld."
Sometimes the gold comes in humorous forms. Who could have known that three years later this dreamer would be in the Yucatan among the Mayan Ruins, a journey brought on by her dream life, among iguanas laughing.
   1) In the first part of this dream I am in a retreat center which is in somewhat shabby condition.
   2) Then I am on the roof where there is a pool of water in a corner with several large silver fish swimming around in it.
   3) A former client, one who did not pay in a timely fashion, used an ocean fishing rod to cast a line over trees, buildings, and a large distance. He set the hook in the mouth of one of those large silver fishes. He gave the rod to me and said it was up to me to reel it in.
   4) I begin doing so, climbing up in a tree, through its crotch, and up over a building. I know the hook is set well and I won't lose this fish. M/47: 2.25.96
This is a classic silver dream complete with silver fish. Each of the four parts are noted for demonstration. The first part is the "issue" or "theme" of the dream. The second part is the key "character(s)" or "elements" which come into play as the issue is worked in the dream. The third part is the "dynamic" in action which develops the issue or dream theme. The fourth part is the "task" of the dream. This is the aspect of the dream we are to bring from the Underworld up to our daily life and seek its integration. How long do you imagine it will take to land the silver fish?
   A long scenario of trying to walk a huge red bull home through really rough terrain and some snow.
   Two people are with me, they are not very savvy with bulls and I am continually having to tell Tom what to do.
   We come to a large barn at the bottom of a draw we need to go around, which we begin to do when we hear other bulls roaring and see two trying to catch up with ours.
   Two more are stirred up and watching me from the top of a coulee. Bull looking me up and down so I woke up. F/48:7.28.92
I remember the classic Zen story of Catching the Bull. It is a metaphor of the ten steps necessary in relating to the Self. "Catch Bull at Four" album by Cat Stevens came from this same dream source.
   I am in the woods and I see a Bear charging straight at me.
   I hide behind a tree exposing my companion, thinking this will distract the Bear from me.
   The Bear goes right by him and I am eaten by the Bear.
   I see dark then the woods then dark...as I am swallowed whole. M/40 1987
This dream began a series of bear dreams spanning close to a ten year period. Dreams work their teaching over a life time. As the alchemists knew: ``In your patience is your soul."

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