Dreaming of Connections

All that we are is connected to all that we do not know. Dreams splice us together.
On the way to work I purchase a train ticket to New York for about 4:30pm that day. At work our lawyer, J.Brown, brings by papers (in a "Record and Multiply" envelope, my other business). The papers are our by-laws for Dross, LLP. He has a new name suggestion for our company, it is two short words,one syllable, now forgotten except that the first began with C and the second with N.
   After work I do not take the train to NYC and think about when I will have the time to cash it in. I go home to a strange house. There is some mail on the floor for me. My mom lives here. She asks me to fix this dishwasher attachment that she's been trying to assemble. It happens I saw one just like this somewhere in this dream so am able to assemble it.
   Later we decide to turn our workspace (different than before, and somewhat like a train car) from the some-kind-of-club that it is into some-kind-of-restaurant. We are actually serving food now but I'm not sure there are customers. Some evil or chaotic presence whizzes through our place/train car (but stationary I think). It stands there threateningly. I think we feed it.
   In an entrance room I see and hear one of the customer's kids banging on a computer, checking e-mail (I think it's my new computer which I've left there?) I get two ideas: why not hire my friend, an excellent chef, to cook and create a menu. And why not make our club/work place into an internet cafe? M/43:4.4.96
I wonder about C and N? CNN, to what news are you paying attention. Or do C and N create the backbone of the word Connections? Is this silver dream working to help you connect all the various aspects of your life? I see your mom lives in a strange house which is home. The second part of the dream is where the characters or elements work for or against the theme expressed in the first part. Better go to the Mother Dreams.
   ``The Ahh! Don't miss the peak of the wave, the note that's just right. Don't miss it. The idea just born, the smile of a child. Don't miss it. The note of a song, the tip of the moon. Don't miss it. The skip of your heart. the measure of all there is of perfection. Don't miss. The silence of eyes that meet at that moment before meeting. The trance caused by fire light-the song of the wood's crackle, the sparks released to the heavens. Whose eyes cannot follow? Always known, always knowable. Repeated a million times but ours only once in a moment. Recorded the way of the Universe. No secret, no cost. Only a life in step with it's time -- The hymn and the prayer of the soul." F/46:10.93
When it's gold it glows. Here the dreamer is telling us of how all our experience is connected.

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