Deathly Dreaming

What is dying within you? What is changing its form? We leave one world to enter another. What are you trying to hold on to that is being taken from you?
The man has been dead for a long time. The teenagers found his case with many things in it. Something in there proved that there was an Egyptian involved in the death. The dead man had said there was. F/52:4.7.88
Do dead men tell tales? The clues to what we need to know are often hidden in the cases (read: containers) of the dead. And what about the Egyptian connection? Read, view, muse on Egyptian art.
   For about three years Victor (running partner) and I had been sneaking into the same corporate party and killing one of the employees who happened to also be a jogger. This year we did something a little differently and when Victor got to the room in which we usually find our victim I was already there talking to Bill (business man and a model).
   When I saw Victor at the door I was immediately afraid. I hid under a desk so that I wouldn't be shot, but I peaked out to see what was happening and when I did I was shot. Vic either not knowing it was me or missing Bill, shot me in the head and I lost all control of my motor functioning below my neck.
   I was paralyzed from the neck down except for my right arm that moved of its own volition (jerking back and forth and shaking). Vic said he was sorry and that he would always stay near me to care for me. I was afraid for a moment and then at peace.
   After I got over the desire to be dead, I remember thinking that I could finally focus on my studies and be a good (serious) student. M/24:4.8.96
Look at how long the unconscious has been killing employees. Three years? But now the dreamer becomes the victim. Notice how he spelled "peeked?" Always trust the way the dream spells the word. How many times must we die before we can focus on what is important.
   I have thirteen children in the car.
   Huge bombs are exploding? There is a huge cloud of inky black smoke, a greasy smoke, I know we will all die.
   I'm going home.
   If it gets too painful, I'll have to shoot the children so they won't suffer so much. I have a twenty-two pistol. F/52:2.15.88
This silver dream could easily be configured to be a gold dream expressing the universal theme of the Mother, Children, Suffering, Death, and Homecoming. Is it an important distinction to make? We know this woman's psyche is on high alert. Someone or something is going to die. Remember, Muse rather than interpret.

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