Recurring Dream

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      I am in a hospitals bathroom. i am in a stall and all of a sudden a 'thing'(it is never seen what exactly) kills the person in the stall next to me. i don't see anything but i hear it and so i can hear my heart beat and i am deathly afraid.i make a move to the door and i can feel the 'things' breath on my neck. i am trying to scream but nothing comes out, i am trying to run fast but i am weraing socks and i can't get a good grip on the floor, i keep slipping . A corner is coming up and i know there are elevators right there and i think i will be safe if i can only make it around the corner.but as i start to turn i slip and fall i try to get up knowing 'it' is going to get me.i try and i slip again. with the hospitals waxed floors and my lycra socks i kept slipping i could see the elevators and i could hear one of the doors opening..but i couldn't get up i know it is right behind me now..i wake up sweaty and unable to sleep for the rest of the night. i have had this dream scince i was a little girl. please help..thank you
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