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[DW Scribe ] Review from Spring 1998 NAPRA ReView (Vol. 9, No.2, New Alternatives for Publishers Retailers and Artists) by Anita Manuel--
      A light-hearted approach to Jungian dreamwork, this beautifully designed package includes a personal dream journal, a primer on dream interpretation, and a list of dream symbols, each with its own interpretive entry. All of the components (and the packaging as well) are graced with outstanding artwork. A web browser interface is included with local files, connecting through either Netscape 3.02+ or Microsoft Explorer 4.01+ to an equally enchanting Web site where the PsyberTherapist may be consulted. Want to play? First question you'll see: ``Who's the Boss?" Answer: ``Self (of course). Get down with your bad Self. Question authority. Call it any name or religion you like. The dream will answer. Operators are standing by." And off you go... Dreams can be any of three kinds: copper (the rambling ones you can bypass), silver (with a theme, characters, storyline, and task), or gold (simple, elegant messages to receive as gifts from the gods). Scribe's treasure box full of fun and insight will help users deal with them all.
electric dreamsReview from Electric Dreams and DreamTreeby Peggy Coates--
      Are you ready for a visually intriguing and intellectually stimulating adventure into the realm of dreams? If so, then Dream Waves Scribe and Dream Journal should more than fulfill your needs. Scribe is full of practical information on recording and interpreting dreams as well as stimulating exercises, beautiful illustrations and a searchable dream journal, all accessible in an easy-to-navigate format. In addition, Scribe is designed to be interactive with Dream Waves website, for a truly spontaneous experience of dreamwork.
     Scribe comes with a variety of intriguing and useful features including Dreamages (a poetic primer on remembering ones dreams), Scribe (the dream diary), Dreamings (dream themes with sample dreams and interpretations) and Temple (an online guide to uncovering the underlying tone of the dream, and developing tasks to carry its message upward into waking life).electric dreamsScribe,which can be used as either (or both) a dream journal and daily diary, is a feature-rich text editor and database, allowing the dreamer to format font styles and colors, and to conduct searches by keywords, titles or dates. Because it is a database, dreams or records can also be sorted and browsed with ease, making it simple to intuitively follow or identify dream patterns and themes. Scribes "Help" feature is extensive and extremely helpful, providing step-by-step guidance for all aspects of the program. DreamWaves website, which integrates seamlessly with Scribe software, is also a delight, full of compatible dream activities and participatory dream games, all enhanced by a highly textural environment containing art, poetry, color and movement.
     Scribe is an aesthetically pleasing, playful and practical product, available for both Macs and PCs.
[Mythologicon] Review of Dreamages, A Primer by Ginette Paris, author of Pagan Meditations, Impossible Love, Pagan Grace and the Mythologicon CD-ROM--
      Dreamages is not only visually engaging, it also contains gems of wisdom. One might question the use of such a strong term: Wisdom is a Big Word. ``What kind of wisdom detector do I have?" One may want to know. Mine works like this: it beeps whenever I am looking at something as complex as the dream life, and all of a sudden, instead of the usual glitter of smart knowledge, one is offered a simple, imaginative language that although easy and clear, has the power to take one into the depths of dream's powers. Timothy Tate speaks of the dreams with that humor, depth, simplicity and accuracy that usually qualifies as wisdom.
      Dreamages is just the right tool for those who are engaging the dream life. It offers technical and psychological assistance, explains what can be found, where to focus, when to pay attention and how to approach the dream. Rather than having dreams snatched away as specimens for examination by the specialist, DreamWave teaches respect for the images and ways to let them speak to us in all their beauty and terror.
      DreamWave helps the user to appreciate the gifts that are brought by the visitors of the night; it does not pour over the dream the heavy cement of rigid interpretations and analytical jargon.
      Timothy Tate, via DreamWave, teaches us to swim, plunge and enjoy this excursion in the depth. His guidance offers basic survival tool: how to deal with monsters and menacing situation, as well as how to enjoy the dive and then swim back on the shore of consciousness.