Recurring Dream

      The Western personality is based in shame. One primary function of the dream is to help us rid ourselves of this dross. Wether you attend church or not, came from a family or not, or ever went to school or not, shame is central to your personality. It is the sand upon which it is built. Shame means that you accepted the lie perpetrated by church, family, and school that by your very nature you are just not good enough. The soul screams at such a lie but the personality holds it as a deeply kept secret. We then compensate for this hidden secret by trying to be perfect, withdrawing, being enraged (when we feel inadequate), blaming, feeling comtempt for that which shames us, or trying to get the upper hand. Dreams such as this one has shame as a 'thing, never seen, that kills the person in the stall next to her. How often is shame a function of toilet training...just ask Freud on that one. Trying to scream, but unable, (we have lost touch with our true voice), she tries to get away from it, but to no avail. The only way we can change this recurring dream is to face the lie which believed creates shame. You can not change shame but you can identify it, make it conscious, contain it, and wake up to the fact that you are more than your personality. Each time you catch yourself slipping into shame, take a huge inhale breath. You only get a couple of seconds to become aware, to change the world. But you get millions of chances. Once you engage this process, such recurring dreams disappear.
Such a shift may happen within a single dream if, for example, the dreamer is experiencing the transformation of an instinctual drive. An addict who is civilizing a compulsive hunger drive may dream of a ravenous wolf transforming into a girl; a gluttonous, unconscious mother may transform into a radiant woman. In fairy tales, the transformation of the animal into prince or princess is not uncommon. Sacrifice and a new level of acceptance are always involved in the transformation
--Marion Woodman Leaving My Father's House
[Dream commentary © Timothy Tate]
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