``The god Loki gave birth to Odin's horse, after making himself pregnant by eating a woman's heart."

Lacking vaginas, many gods gave birth from their mouths. Priests of Ra claimed their god gave birth to the first couple from his mouth. The Satapatha Brahmana said the god Prajapati learned to give birth to creatures from his mouth; but before he could manage it, he had to make sacrifices to an older, higher power: the Goddess Svaha, Lady of Sacrifices.
--Barbara Walker, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

In the early 1900's birth came to be viewed as a pathological process requiring medical help. Influential obstetrical textbooks taught that a healthy birth occurred naturally in only a minority of mothers and that most births needed to have the natural process improved upon.
--William and Martha Sears, The Birth Book

[ birth image ] What makes being born so frightful is the intensity, the boundless scope and variety of the experience, its suffocating richness.

People say -- and believe -- that a newborn baby feels nothing. He feels everything.

Everything -- utterly, without choice or filter or discrimination.

Birth is a tidal wave of sensation, surpassing anything we can imagine.
--Frederick LeBoyer, Birth Without Violence

The journey through chaos to meet the Madwoman can be a creative process, for the Madwoman connects us to creativity. Just as Ereshkigal, Sumer's dark goddess of the Underworld, was mad, suffering from labor pains while trying to give birth, and needed empathy and compassion, so does every woman experience a mad time as she tries to give birth to a new way of being, whether she brings forth an artwork or her new feminine self.
--Linda Leonard, Meeting the Madwoman

You who were darkness warmed my flesh
where out of darkness rose the seed.
Then all a world you hear and see
hung upon my dreaming blood.
--Judith Wright, from Woman to Child

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