``If I could only rub this spot out of my hands, it won't come off." --Timothy Tate

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Your blood spurted,
And I rushed to touch it
Before its source brimmed out of your eyes
And pierced the earth for the first time
--Lydia Stephanou, A Case of Assault

Blood, the daughter of one of the Lords, was impregnated by spittle from One-Hunahpuh's skull and gave birth to a second set of Twins who are the heroes of the Creation myth.
--Linda Schele, et al. Mayan Cosmos

...an ancient aspect of certain agricultural rituals of fecundity, when specially appointed women squatted over the newly plowed fields and gave their "moon blood," their menstrual fluid, back to the earth; or of a time when priestesses may have officiated over archaic feminine puberty rites. ...The vulva is an expression not of physiology, but of cosmology. The moon dies and is reborn; woman bleeds but does not die, and when she does not bleed for ten lunar months, she brings forth new life.
--Winifred Milius Luebell, Metamorphosis of Baubo

We are deep in a dark wood.
I warm you with my blood.
Listen to me as I lean against you!
Surely this is far more true
Than poetry.
--Marina Tsvetayeva, VII

In the country of Portugal in very old and noble families a venerable custom has been observed. On the morning after the wedding of a daughter of the house, and before the morning gift had yet been handed over, the Chamberlain or High Steward from a balcony of the palace would hang out the sheet of the night and would solemnly proclaim: "Virginem eam tenemus (we declare her to have been a virgin)." Such a sheet was never afterwards washed or again lain on.
--Isak Dinesen, The Blank Page

...you'd spill it again and would scream my way
you cannot know Hieronymus how bad I felt
that night ought to have been different
your shattered bones gathered hastily in one spot
the bear's blood unable to heal them.
--Ileana Malancioius

It is also not so long since tramps were made drunk and quickly immured on a building site in order to make the foundations safe.
--C.G.Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis

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