Born Dreaming

Birth of water and birth of spirit. Dream Birth is the emergence of the Self. Watch how this delivery happens in a series of dreams from a woman who takes us through pregnancy, birth, and post-natal mystery.

   I'm with a younger man. There is a lot of love and acceptance with his friends and him. I am pregnant I am way up high on something.
   A male helps me down gently. We sit at a table. Then it feels like we're going in a car. I reach out to hold the young man's hand. He is very happy that I reach out to him. We are so happy and in love.
   I'm covering myself so no one notices me as I walk down the street pregnant. Seems I feel people will feel negative towards my pregnancy.
   I see my mother. She is happy for me. She says: You can have the child I never had. She hugs me. F/36:8.6.94
The bliss of love is shared between a man and a woman. Yet when she walks down the street she has to cover up her pregnancy. Whose child is it? Mother is pleased. She knows the next generation (of consciousness?) will do what she couldn't.
   I have given birth to a very little infant. A few days old. Women around me are R. and C (all very abused as little girls). Gathering paper and purse. Need to jump off a cliff. I won't do it. I can't see. F/36:11.12.94
This dream is the third of four dreams in one month addressing the dreamer's giving birth. We know she has an actual fetus size tumor in her body. She is not going to jump off the cliff but she can't see either.
   A woman is birthing a baby. She is on all fours on a table. The baby comes out effortlessly.
   A woman in another room has a baby also.
   The woman I assisted and I prepare a large feast for the family of the other woman. Elegant food, candles, linen tablecloth, dignified, wealthy family members are seated.
   Just before we go to sit down, we are told we need to go across the street to get BLT's for ourselves. We are shocked that we are not invited to the feast we just prepared. F/36:3.31.95
The dreamer has had several birth dreams where it is her baby. When the actual birth scene is depicted in the dream it is a woman on all fours. The third part of this silver dream involves a feast prepared by the woman who gave birth. The task part says they are not invited. Sound familiar? Isn't it time to go to the feast?
   I have just given birth to a little baby girl. I am going to some kind of event in the snow, like a football game. I go by horse with my child.
   I realize I did not feed her. In fact, I can't ever remember feeding her since her birth. I am so surprised at myself for being so incredibly neglectful. She may be malnourished, unable to develop. I am concerned for her life.
   I am to meet my ex-husband there. It seems so difficult to take care of her and meet him and get home with car, horse, and child. The horse goes to bite me. It seems I haven't fed it either.
   Another woman helps me with the child. I tell her I need desperately to bond with my child and ask her to please let me go to the next doctor's appointment for the baby so I can take on the role of mother. The woman is pleased to hear that. F/36:5.15.96
This dream needs to be read many times until the beauty of its universal quality is seen. She has neither nourished the child nor the horse. It tries to bite her. The horse is generous, it could have trampled her. The other woman is still by her side though and is relieved to see that she will mother her (Self) child.

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