``It's again a classical idea that the dead must be buried correctly. Because what wasn't buried right -- ritually, ritually given back -- becomes a ghost. It goes on haunting."
--James Hillman

I do not understand you. My name is Urashima Taro. There is no other bears that name. I am the fisherman: surely you know me. The man looked at Urashima very closely to see if he were joking or not.
[ the deceased ] There was a Urashima Taro, a famous fisherman of three hundred years ago, but you -- you are joking.

Nay, nay, I am not joking. It is you that are joking with your three hundred years. I left here three or four days ago, and now I have returned. Where have my father and mother gone?
Edmund Dulace, Urashima Taro from Fairy Tales of the World,

Eight centuries ago, on the edge of the marsh, men had built the huge cathedral, or it may have been seven centuries ago, or perhaps nine; it was all one to the Wild Things.
Lord Dunsany, The Kith of the Elf-folk

Ancestor Dreams

The wind, dead leaves and snow,
Doth hurry to and fro,
And once, a day shall break
O'er the wave,
When a storm of ghosts shall shake
The dead, till our King wake
From the grave.
Robertson Davies, The Lyre of Orpheus

[ the plains... ]
After his father died, he carried his life more gently and left an empty space for the birds and other creatures.
Brian Andreas, Mostly True

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Dead and living joined in and the very stars rejoiced. The gods wept crystal tears and bowed their heads in tribute and acclaim. Marimba led the hosts of dead and living with her song until the eastern sky greyed with the first promise of coming dawn.
Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, Indaba my Children


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