The Mother of All Dreaming

She is too much to know: ``it might be because an association other than the Mother archetype was possible between the queen of the wild beasts and the woman in childbed." --Ginette Paris
   A white dove, with fluffy snow white down, gave birth to five eggs. Each one would slowly emerge from her breast and softly tumble down to the ground at her feet. They would rock back and forth until settling into an upright position. The fifth egg came out already hatching showing the wet wing stretching out of the egg shell. M/47:3.22.96
The softness and deliberate nature of this birthing strikes me. I search for five important people or situations one of which is already hatching. I wonder about it being the first day of Spring. See references to Dove, Aphrodite, Sophia, The Holy Spirit in The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara Walker
   I am sitting by a river in a beautiful pastoral scene, lovely day. I have twin boys and a sign asking for permission for them to fish in their lifetime. I am feeling the tremendous importance of securing this right for them and this seems to be the appropriate way to do that. F/48:6.23.96
This gold dream speaks to us of the rights which the mother must secure for her sons, sitting by the river, pastoral.
   I am caring for my baby and everything on earth happened to her and to me but I still had milk for her. (Born in a hurricane force storm. We look like the dirty faced children in Scotland under the rule of Edward the Long Shanks.) F/47:10.6.95
Is this every mother's dream? Remember that comments about dream content which occur at the time of awakening are as valuable as the dream. The bridge to the waking world carries the gold of the dream to the surface.
   I am giving birth to several infertile Alligator eggs, it is painful.
   I see that one egg is hatching. I place it in a terrarium and feed it an earthworm?
   Someone notices this and says that it is very interesting. I should be careful the eggs don't break inside me.
   I explain I have already given birth. He then warned me that Alligators get very big. M/40:3.18.96
Notice that this dream and the one of the dove (above) are both by men and that they happened within days of each other, right around the Vernal Equinox. Although the men know each other they didn't know until weeks later that they had egg dreams.

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