Journeyman's Dreaming

We don't have a choice: we are on a journey. Your dreams are your map.
   I see myself walking along on the path that is being provided. There are no others encountered and the walking is slow though steady Once or twice I have missed my footing and am guided back in a loop to start that piece again with more attention? The way has been improved many times as it is a very old path. I feel content. F/47:9.14.93
The journey takes us through the Gateless Gate: is the path invisible too? Who would expect the dreamer to be guided back on the trail? All she has to do is pay more attention. What benevolence!
   The Valkyrie flew towards heaven in a formation of ten or twelve? On the ramparts of the castle an equal number of archers stood bows drawn, arrows loaded and aimed at the Valkyrie soaring. M/47:4.1.96
Since the Valkyrie are Norweigen maidens who choose which warriors are to be taken and brought to heaven and since an equal number of archers are aiming but have yet to shoot we have intense tension between the archetypes of the feminine (anima) and masculine (animus). What will the outcome be? See Ginette Paris, Pagan Meditations, chapter six: "Who Shoots the Arrows: Eros or Aphrodite?"
   I was getting ready to play football? Our team was undermaned but we were going to try our best.
   I had a thumb injury that had been operated on the day before, but all I could see was a small pink scar. We took a bus trip to get to where we were going to play. (I have been on this road in many other dreams.) The coach wanted me to play the way I was, but I wouldn't go out until my thumb was taped. I found someone who knew how to tape my thumb, the coach didn't, and rushed out onto the field.
   I walked over the shoulders of the people between me and the field. Once I was on the field, I was making a real contribution, even though I was small and skinny.
   We won the game and I went to the end of the field and put a new CD in the disc player? It was one of my roomate's discs. M/23:4.5.92
It is so easy to see this silver dream as one of compensation. But if we rub it a bit more don't we start to see the universal theme of the young man's hero journey? How about those dream roads we have been down so many times before? Where are they leading?

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