Dreaming of Flight

   I am inspecting the fastest airplane with a state of the art warhead called Lotus. A few civilian women will be taught how to fly this and I need to know I am one and then forget about it. Its knowledge will remain with me if needed. F/47:8.21.92
This gold dream teaches us about knowledge dreamt remaining available in the unconscious. This female pilot doesn't need a manual. ``I need to know I am one." Look for sentences in your dreams which teach or ask questions.
   Everyone must take a one day "undertaker" class. We all wear white pant suits but some people have other white clothing. One woman has on a lace dress (wedding). Some are wearing face vails. I find that if I pick up one foot very slowly and balance myself just right, I can float along just above the ground. That is so much fun I try sitting in mid air, with my feet straight out in front of me. It works! I can float! F/52:12.18.88
What is she trying to undertake? I think it has to do with balance. She attempts the move slowly and finds it works. Balance, slow, float... sounds right to me. Not all flying is about escape.
   1) In my growing up neighborhood where I feel absolutely harassed as proprietors of several establishments will not make it clear which one I have purchased tickets to and I nearly miss by the time I weasel information out of someone.
   2) Audience required to change into nightgowns which I do. All look like pathetic patients in a hospital ward rather than a performance.
   3) I am hindered in some way so I fly over them to reach the witches house. I'm not accepted and try using my maiden name and am sent across the street.
   4) All is a sham if the food is not poisonous it is at least not nourishing. What an effort. (witches on halloween) F/46:10.31.93
This silver dream (parts numbered for your assistance) talks about harassment and weasel moves as its theme. The second part tells us about the key characters, what does "pathos" mean again? The third part is the dynamic in action and here is where flying comes in. Hindered in some way, fly over it, but that doesn't give you what you need. The fourth part or task is given in a riddle form. What is its answer?
   My voice tells me to be careful not to spill the dream content inside when I dance. I reply it is already spilt as I didn't know I should be careful. But the voice insists I start now with being careful, as that internal liquid will eventually be what makes me soar and fly to places I could otherwise never know. F/46:11.4.93
You might know by now that there are several master dreamers we depend on to keep us connected with the Infinite. This dream defines the task of the dreamer who is sincere about her soul work.

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