Double Helix

But A
      I see six small white strips of paper, evenly spaced, suspended as in air. I approach them, curious about their purpose. While looking with interest, I watch invisible gold dotted lines form on both sides of each strip and uniformly ascend up all six strips simultaneously. The gold dotted lines hesitate at what looks like a perforation in the paper and then cross to the other side continuing to the next slight demarcation on the paper where again they cross to what is now the original side. The gold crisscrossing progression continues to the top. A heavy black straight line forms moving slowly across the top of this now completed design and I am aware that harmony has been achieved and because it has, I am granted a view from the top. I suddenly find myself up very, very high, looking down on this completed project. I feel profound well being to be a part of this successful process.
[Therapist Timothy Tate comments on this dream]
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