Dreamages: A Primer by Timothy Tate

2. Query Series

Ever play twenty questions? Well, this game has just four. You are in a maze, searching for your path. Your dreams are your clues.

To play: First, catch a dream (as in, remember). Next: ask it questions:

Let the dream rattle in your head, like a riddle, or a good story.

Warning! Do not interpret the dream. Do not dissect it. It is not a science experiment. Do not drag it into the chem lab for analysis. (It will fight you if you try).

Your imagination is starving. Your dreams are its food. Chew on them.

By the way, this game will take your whole life (maybe longer).

So let's play: You are in a maze. Amaze. Amuse? You are searching for your

... Self (3).

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