Men make their history themselves but in a given environment which conditions them. --Frederick Engels


Men of ancient Rome swore honesty by placing a hand over their testicles while declaring an oath. Testicles, from the Latin testis, meaning witness...


``Watch a man move," a white woman I know once told me, ``and you don't need to ask him his life story." --Michael Ventura, White Boys Dancing

A slim
young fascist
fresh from the Hole
slid into me
murdered me
with his eyes
and said, ``Man, why ain't you
doing something?"
--Etheridge Knight On the Yard

There is nothing about man that is really measurable. He is completely unmeasurable. He is the seat of the unmeasurable, and he employs the measurable to make it possible for him to express something.
--Louis Kahn if a man could be substantial just by looking it.
--Jonathan Holden, Full Circle

The initiatory desire in men is extremely strong. To complain that it's crazy for young men to drive around in cars at ninety miles an hour is useless. We need to ask what the craziness is.
--Michael Meade, interviewed in The Sun

Man Dreams

Actually: it's the balls I look for, always.
Men in the street, offices, cars, restaurants.
It's the nuts I imagine --
firm, soft, in hairy sacks
the way they are
down there rigged between the thighs,
the funny way they are.
--Anne McNaughton, & Balls


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