``And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years."
--The Bible, Revelations 20:1-3


Live lizard; dead lizard
Marinated, fried.
Poached lizard, pickled lizard
Salty lizard hide.

Hot lizard, cold lizard
Lizard over ice.
Baked lizard, boiled lizard
Lizard served with spice.

Sweet lizard, sour lizard
Smoked lizard heart.
Leg of lizard, lion of lizard
Lizard a la carte.
--Sonja Nikolay, Witches' Menu

In myths the hero is the one who conquers the dragon, not the one who is devoured by it. And yet both have to deal with the same dragon. Also, he is no hero who never met the dragon, or who, if he once saw it, declared afterwards that he saw nothing. Equally, only one who has risked the fight with the dragon and is not overcome by it wins the hoard, the treasure hard to attain.
--C.G.Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis

A Zulu myth blames the chameleon for coming too slowly to men, with the message from God that they would not have to die. The lizard raced ahead and told men that they would die, and so death came.
--Traditional Zulu story

Lizard Dreams

A killed dragon isn't a dead dragon.
A killed dragon is still a dangerous dragon.
A dragon dead is more dangerous maybe than a dragon alive.
We don't, by killing him, get rid of a dragon. Rather do we, by
killing him, sow him, as we would soil, with pestilence.
--John Moriarty, Dreamtime

In ancient times, it was the practice of our former kings to set the mountains and swamps ablaze, and with nets, ropes, spears, and knives to drive beyond the four seas all reptiles, snakes, and malevolent creatures noxious to man. In that chaos, you crocodiles crept back and multiplied -- a natural situation under those circumstances.
--``Han Yu's Address to the Crocodiles," in The Language of Birds


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