The dreaded "Back in High School" dream..

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Posted by Liz on August 25, 1999 at 03:50:38:

I have had this dream at least twice a week, in varying degrees of intensity, for the past 13 years.

I am the age I am now, 31, but I am back in my high school, an all-girls' Catholic school in the suburbs of Chicago. It's always the same; I can't find my schedule, and I don't know what class I'm supposed to be in. The few books and folder I have with me do not have the schedule. Everyone is in class, and I am walking the empty halls, looking for my locker. I find it at the end of the hall near a corner, right where my old one used to be. I can't remember the combination, but eventually I find my stuff in an open abandoned locker.. a couple feet away! I grab a big stack of books and figure I better get to class...ANY class, just to make a showing. I randomly go into some English class, but the funny thing is, the teacher herself is blowing off, and everyone's just sitting around doing nothing. I'm trying to look through my yellow folder, and my green folder, because that's where the schedule HAS to be!! Still no luck. By then, it's time to go to anoher class, and I have a hell of a time trying to gather this cumbersome, messy load of books and folders with me (I don't know why it was neccessary to bring them ALL with, I just did).
At this point, the halls are crowded, and I decide it's time to try the secretary's office, where she can print another schedule up for me. Somehow though, I end up in the cafeteria for the last period study. I figure the day is almost over, and I might as well try this again tomorrow.
When I first started having this dream, I often woke up in a cold sweat or in tears, because it produced horrible anxiety. Over the years, it became less stressful, but still always frustrating. Now, I've gotten to the point where I realize IN my dream that it's

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