Dreamages: A Primer by Timothy Tate

8. The Riddler

Riddle me this:
Remember what you are most likely to forget.
Find a place for your dream world in your waking life.
Be awake enough to know what you dreamt.
Without insane dreams you go mad.
``I have a jewlery box which has a very expensive ring in it. If I reach inside an alarm goes off." The box has two alarming rings. Which is more valuable?

The silver dream has four parts. Each has a riddle.
1)``They are moving the mobile home in and setting it up on the foundation so that it will have a basement."
Theme: The dreamer is moving into a more permanent location.
2)``I go inside, it is kind of messy, there are dirty clothes all over everything, dishes in the sink, etc. The doors don't match, some are flat, some are paneled, and some are glass. He must have taken them from different houses he has built."
Character: "He", "messy", "unmatched".
3)``The little girl tells me there is blood all over the basement."
Drama: The girl wants her to look.
4)``I want to go look, but I can't."
Task: She will have to if she is going to move in.

is believing the lie that what you can't control will kill you. Chaos is a natural state -- we are hurtling 17,000 mph through an infinity governed by invisible forces.
is believing the lie that you are not good enough.

Riddle, Silver, Theme, Character, Drama, Task, Terror, Shame. Good Gawd, now we are ready for the next riddle.
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