``Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied."
--Proverbs, The Bible

Destruction This tribal group, Yanomami, lives in the Serra Parima in an area known as Roraima in the Amazon rain forest. In 1985 there were about 20,000 of them; but their numbers have decreased to between 5,000 and 9,000 today. Diseases such as malaria are bringing them to the brink of extinction. There are about 45,000 miners living on the Yanomami's land looking for gold. They use high-pressure water jets to blast away the riverbeds in their search for the precious ore. This silts up the rivers and kills the fish the Yanomami eat.
--Steve Pollock, The Atlas of Endangered Peoples

Insect destruction of crops in the United States ranges from 4 billion to 15 billion dollars annually... Insect damage cancels out the total year's efforts of about one million workers..
--George Fitcher, Insect Pests

With a slight tilt of his forehead he rejects
everything that hems in and obliges;
for the wide circles of the eternal Coming
move hugely erected through his heart.

The deep heavens stand before him full of shapes,
and each may call to him: come, know me.
Give his light hands nothing to hold
of your burdens. Otherwise they'll come at night

to you, to test you with a fiercer grip,
and go like someone angry through your house
and seize you as if they'd created you
and break you out of your mold.
--R.M.Rilke, The Angel

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Destruction Dreams

When after the long drought at last
silver and darkness swept over the hills
the dry indifferent glare in my mind's eye
wavered but burned on.
--Denise Levertov, Closed World
The heroic ego literalizes the imaginal. Because it lacks the metaphorical understanding that comes with image-work, it makes wrong moves, and these violently. Without imaginal understanding, we may expect killing.
--James Hillman, The Dream and the Underworld
Mother said to call her if the H bomb exploded
And I said I would, and it about did
When Louis my brother robbed a service station
And lay cursing on the oily cement in handcuffs.
--Josephine Miles, Belief


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