CURE for sleep talking

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Posted by Beth on November 11, 19100 at 21:39:03:

In Reply to: sleep talking posted by jojo on July 22, 1998 at 07:55:14:

If it bothers you as much as it sounds like it does, then I have a cure for you. Sleep talking has plagued my entire family and relatives. It is genetic. Even in calm, non-stressful times, sleep talking is still there. It starts in childhood with us as sleep walking then it calms down. In adulthood it slows to simply sleep talking. My father is the worst. He can actually injure himself if his talking is a sleep terror and he not only screams but flails his arms and his body across the bed like he is trying to get away from something.
This is very bad because my mother stopped sleeping with him after the first 5 years of marriage. I am a professional and have recently gone back to college and am temporarily staying with my parents. My father's nightly talks keep me from getting sleep at night and it sets our cats' hair on end. My father leaves the door open at night for air circulation so I can't help but be awakened by his noise. When I have been up late on the computer, as I am often, I get to hear every grunt and groan. On his more comedic nights he will act like a d.j. making siren noises, burps, snorts, barks, etc. -- any kind of imitation you can think of. He also talks nonsense as you mentioned.
Well, NO MORE! I have found the cure and I believe I know what the cause is. I am presently giving my reasearch to a University for official studies.
Melatonin has been the miracle cure for all of our sleep talking, walking, terrors and restless legs problems.
My father fought me for years because he is paranoid about taking anything. But when I moved in and had to live with him, I threated to toss the pill down his throat in one of his sleep talking sessions if he didn't take it voluntarily.
So he began taking it (9 mgs 30 min before bed) two days ago and this is the first two nights of unbroken sleep I have gotten since I moved in a year ago.
I have been taking 3 mgs (6 mgs on a nights I have to stay up late to study) for 5 years now and my sleep talking and most of the night terrors are gone. By the way so are his. He slept like a baby for the first time in his life.
What is the cause? Well, the pineal gland produces melatonin and shrinks as you age. I believe my family members are born with an underactive pineal gland. We all also have underactive thyroids later in life - I don't know if there is a connection. We all also have severe allergies.
I hope this helps you!

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