Missing child

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Posted by jinx on February 25, 19100 at 13:54:23:

Two dreams early this morning just before waking, both about my son as a little boy disappearing, and both leaving me deeply sad:

In the first, there is a phone call from the person who has abducted him, so at least I have some hope that things will work out. I know he is somewhere, with someone, and there is a chance I can get him back alive and in one piece.

In the second, there are no phone calls. I don't know what has happened, except that he went off to school and is now missing. The times are different, as if it is in the 20's during the depression, possibly. I am a tall thin woman wearing old-style clothes: a rather loose-fitting, mid-calf-length dress. Some dark-skinned people come to the house asking for money (charity). For some reason I think they are Turkish. I have just been paid at my job and have a stack of bills wrapped in a rubber band in the other room. (Again, the bills are large and look as if they are from an earlier time.) I pick up the money and start into the room where the Turkish people are, but someone cautions me to not let them see how much money I have. So I remove the rubber band and take several bills off the top. When I try to rewrap the money, the rubber band breaks, but I find another one on a table nearby and rewrap the money. I give some money to the Turkish people. Looking out at the street, I see children going by. They are dressed for Halloween. I fear for my son and am afraid I will never see him again.

I wake up extremely sad and upset.

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