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Posted by tragic on February 12, 19100 at 12:00:13:

this was a real life event to start off with.and ever since it happened i have had the dream occurs in my most vulnerable state.
it takes place on march 28 1996.it is 2:00 am mountian standard time.me and my fiance rebbeca are going to the gas station to go and buy some cigarettes.she told me to just stay put she would go in and buy them for ,i wasnt feeling that well so i decided that that would be alright.i felt kinda bad at the time for letting her go in because she was 6 months pregnant .but she was really bull headed about things.i waited and i waited until i herad it......gun shots were fired from somewere when i looked up i saw rebbeca lying on the ground not moving the clerk of the store was was sprawled on the counter top twitching .and in the corner i could see the other two people in the store cuddled up in the corner full of fright and fear.i rushed into the store not paying any mind about the man who had done the damge and he ran out .i bent over rebbeca and sat there pulling her into me .crying thinking that if the doctors huried up then she would still be alright.but deep in my herat i knoew that her and my unborn child had left me here all by myself..when the police came by they couldnt get me to let rebecca go.i wouldnt let go of her cold lifeless body ,actualy it was more like i couldnt.she was ll i ever knew at that time .she was my salvation.what was i to do? that thought kept running through my mind.finnaly i was

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