The Bomb and The Crow

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Posted by Downwrdspiral on January 20, 19100 at 17:43:54:

A group of people and I drove up to an apartment buildings pool. My best-friend, James, and I walked over to the Salvation Army that happened to be upstairs in the apartment complex. I was going to trade my Tool (the band) shirt for a video, but the one I wanted (No idea what it was) wasnt there. I see a Metallica shirt, but they wont sell it to me because they want it for display. Then I see a spiked bracelet. I ask the guy at the register if I could have it, and he pulls two of them out. One big, one small. I over hear two people talking about the video that James wanted. The clerk said that they had some more in the back, but I didnt tell James because I didnt want him to get the video. The guy at the register wouldnt give me the bracelet. He said they need all of them for display as well. We finally get a paintball mask for James. We could have gotten anything in the store. The Tool shirt I turned in was worth 100pts. (Whatever that means). everything in there was worth less than that. We left the store, and walked down the stairs. To my right I see my friend Bill. He doesnt recognize me though. So I tell James to stay where he was and I went to talk to Bill. Bill's parents were there. For some reason Bill looked really old. He introduced me to his parents. Then my dad appeared. So I introduced my dad to Bill and his parents as well. Then my dad was gone. Someone else was there too. I dont know who. I walked back a bit and tripped. I fell onto a little red button. A voice projects itself from the button, saying that it is a trigger for a bomb. The people from the pool and Bill's parents start looking for the bomb. Bill says the bomb is the reason he didnt want to leave. I look to my left and I see a little girl. She must be what I tripped over. She is laying there covered in feathers, and a dead bird. It looks like a sticky paste, holiding the girl down. The people found the bomb on a pole. Dynamite on a poll next to it. The numbers 713 kept coming up on the timer. I shrugged, coming off of the button just a little bit. The bumbers on the detonator dropped. Bill yelled at me to stay on the button. So I did. I looked over and the talked to the girl. She looked scared. Very scared. Bill's mom pushes a button on the detonator. The time on the bomb drops to 10 sec. I yelled at her to leave it alone. She let go of the button, and the number jumped back upto 713. She pushed it again and the numbers droped from 10sec. to 0. I roll off the button in fear that it might explode. I cover the girl, protecting her. Nothing happens. No explosion, no bang, nothing. I blackout. [In a flashback sorta thing, or maybe a dream in a dream] I look down from above. The girl walks into view. Black stuff falls onto her head. She looks up. There, sitting on the peak of the roof, sits a large greyish crow. Its about as big as the girl. More black stuff falls onto her. Im thinking

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