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Posted by Carol on October 19, 1999 at 19:39:11:

These two dreams fell within a week of one another. In the first I dreamt that I was awake and lying in bed in darkness. Two bald-headed twin men in business suits stood in the doorway. They were with a much shorter woman. The men should have threatening, but I wasn't afraid. I told them to go ahead and do what they came there for. Once I said that they left. I continued to lay in the darkness. After awhile a bubble floated from out of the darkness. I took it in my hand and touched it to my forehead and it entered there.

The second dream: In this I had learned to float around my room and was very adept at it. I was floating and then I thought I will need to break something to so that I will have evidence that I have been floating. As I am deciding on what to break the sphere appears and leads me down a tunnel. I continue to float, following the sphere. It leads me out of the tunnel and into a park. The sphere disappears. I don't have the sense that I am the same person as I was before. First I am closer to the ground, moving at a child's level. I am not even sure that I am walking. I may still even be floating. What intrigues me are two dogs that pass me. The first passes on my left and as it passes I feel that we are communicating. Further on another dog passes on my right and again I feel that there is some kind of communication, although I would not know how to describe it. I have a sense that they are guardians.

I've thought a great deal about these two dreams. I feel I am giving myself some kind of gift in accepting and following the sphere. I'm curious about what spheres mean. Following the sphere, I am letting this gift lead me to where I am going to next. The tunnel might represent a rebirth. I come out looking at the world from a child's perspective, a novice!

There are some fascinating symmetries too. The twin male threats appearing at the beginning of one dream counterbalanced by the two guardian dogs appearing at the end of the other. In the first dream I am threatened by the male figures, but there is a subtle sign that I should not be afraid. It is a woman that has led them to me. I feel that, based on my other dreams of fighting twins that these figures represent dualistic aspects of the self--and that I have brought them to myself.

Only by not being afraid of my dualistic nature could the sphere and the two guardians appear. In the second dream I threaten to destroy something to prove that I have floated, but the sphere leads. I suppose I have learned an important gnostic lesson. I need not prove self-knowledge.

More background. I am a writer working for a publishing company. I think that everything I do is motivated by a desire for self-knowledge. When I am beyond being a novice I would like to be a healer.

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